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Experienced Chicago Arbitration & Mediation Services Resolving your Case Outside of Court

Arbitration cases call for a neutral third party to hear both sides of a dispute and make a legally binding solutions. During arbitration, the disputing parties establish what their legal options are to resolve their differences outside of the courtroom. Arbitration can be more cost effective and less time consuming then going to court, however, except in very narrow circumstances, the losing party has no right to an appeal. Depending on your case this may be advantageous or it may involve substantial risk. Selecting the right neutral is very important to making sure he/she has the right experience to understanding the issues of your case.

The Barone Law Group has extensive experience representing clients in settlement mediations and has worked with many of the mediators in the Chicagoland area. We have provided our legal counsel to insurers, insureds, local, regional, and national businesses.

We are frequently retained to handle mediation matters even when we are not servings as the lawyer handling the case. Anthony Barone has extensive experience in devising strategies, advising clients and handling mediations throughout the country and has over an 80% success rate in reaching resolutions. No matter what type of dispute, our law firm is highly experienced and qualified to help you attain the most positive outcome using mediation to resolve your conflict.

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We Get Results For Our Clients